A healthier ice cream

Banana-based vegan ice creams

Our Promise

Natural Ingredients

Our ice creams are made with only three or four natural and plant-based ingredients, with bananas being the main one!


We only use plant-based ingredients, so our ice creams are better for you and the planet.

No Added Sugar

We don't add any sugars or sweeteners to our ice creams - they are naturally sweet thanks to the bananas and dates.

Made out of Bananas!


Banana-based ice cream you say? Yes! How do you make it? We wait for bananas to ripen, we freeze them then blend them with other natural ingredients to make our delicious ice cream. That means we only need to use a couple of ingredients and absolutely no sugar. Bananas are sweet enough.

Our main ingredients are Bananas, Dates, Raspberries, Cinnamon, Almonds and Cocoa Powder... tasty and healthy!

Natural and plant-based ingredients


We care about what goes into our ice creams. This means we only use a few, natural and plant-based ingredients in our products - with absolutely no added nasties, sugar or sweeteners!

As we only use natural ingredients, our ice creams actually count towards your five a day.

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