Banana Scoops Banilla Smoothie Bowl

Banana Scoops Banilla ice cream smoothie bowl

A healthy and easy smoothie bowl to brighten up your morning. Made with Banana Scoops, a new (n)ice cream made from bananas instead of dairy, this is a quick & easy smoothie bowl that can use any ingredients in your fridge or cupboard.


• 2 Scoops of your favourite Banana Scoops ice cream (we used Banilla)
• 2 tbsp of plant-based milk
• 1 handful strawberries
• 1/2 banana, sliced
• 1 tbsp peanut butter
• Optional: 1 handful of chopped hazelnuts (or any other nuts)
• Optional: 1 tsp cocoa nibs (chocolate chips will also do just fine!)
• Optional: 1 tbsp white chocolate sauce


Banana Scoops banilla ice cream smoothie bowl with chocolate

How to make it

 1. Simply blend 2 scoops of your favourite Banana Scoops ice cream with plant-based milk and strawberries.
2. Serve on a bowl and top with another scoop of ice cream, fresh bananas, hazelnuts and cacao nibs. You can use any fruit, nuts or seeds that you have in your fridge and cupboard.
3. Drizzle with white chocolate
4. Serve immediately before the ice cream melts!



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