Chocolate Banana Scoops Dessert Pot

These delicious chocolate Banana Scoops dessert pots were concocted for us by @eatboostyourbowl. They're the perfect afternoon snack or a wonderful treat for dessert after dinner.

Here's the recipe

Serves 1


  • 1 cupcake-sized cake of choice 

  • Banana Scoops banana ice cream (or any ice-cream of choice)

  • A sprinkling of Boost Your Bowl Toppers (or any toppings of choice)


Press 3/4 of the cake into the base of a small ramekin to approx 1cm thick. Leave a few crumbles for the top. Spread a layer of Banana Scoops Ice Cream up to the rim (or however much you desire depending on ramekin size) and then top with the remaining cake crumbs and Boost Your Bowl Toppers if desired.

I used Hazelnut Brownie Toppers over the Chocolate Banana Scoops, and Cherry Bakewell Toppers over the Raspberry Banana Scoops.

Serve immediately, or freeze for future dessert indulgence! Defrost for approx 15-20 mins prior to serving, if frozen.

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