Kickstart Scheme: Hire young people to help your business grow

Join our group of small businesses using the government-funded kickstart scheme. You'll be able to hire a young person to help your business, all funded by the government. Plus you'll receive the full £1,500 setup grant per successful hire. Some agencies charge some of this grant as a commission - we don't.

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As part of the Government's new Kickstart Scheme, aimed at providing employment opportunities for young people, we're glad to announce that we've been selected as a Gateway provider.

This means that if you have a small business, you can now apply to the scheme, where the government will cover the wages, NI and other contributions for a young person to join your team - for free. You'll also receive a £1500 grant to cover setup and training costs.

So far, we've had over 70 roles from 35+ small businesses approved, and we're trying to help as many small businesses as possible.

If you'd like to take part, simply fill in your details in this Google Form (should only take two minutes) and we'll submit your application for you. 

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A few FAQs about the programme:

New & unique roles
An important note: The roles need to be NEW and unique that wouldn't be able to happen without the funding. If you've already started advertising for any of these roles, please let me know asap. Once accepted, the roles will be advertised by the job centres who will match eligible candidates to you and will send you details for you to interview, acting as a recruitment service. 

Grant funding
Even though the DWP will be covering the employees' wages, National Insurance, and other contributions, this will be paid to you retrospectively, which means that you need the cashflow to make the payments to the employees, and then wait for the reimbursement of the grant. Also, all kickstart employees will need to go through PAYE/your payroll. If you don't have this set up yet, it's easy enough to do and any accountant can help you (or you can do it yourself). 

On top of wages, you will also receive a £1500 setup grant per employee to cover the costs of taking on a new employee - ie online subscriptions, laptops, desks, training, etc. Please note that we will NOT be taking any money from this, as a lot of agencies are taking a large % of this grant (some up to £1k!) as commissions. You will receive your £1500 payment in full. 

The goal of the scheme is to provide new jobs and work experiences/training for young people. Please note that these roles are more likely to be junior positions and/or interns, so please set your expectations accordingly (ie you're unlikely to find a financial director via the scheme, but a social media or marketing executive would be perfect). Please also note that as part of the scheme, you're committing to help train the employee(s) on matters such as teamwork, work ethic, skills training, CV building, etc to help them advance their careers.


Job Descriptions & Interview process
If you haven't already, please start working on your job descriptions and send them to me. These are not needed immediately, but I want to make sure there are no delays on our part so as soon as we get approved we can get the interview process started. Once your application has been approved, your job descriptions will be sent to Job Centres who will match it to eligible candidates. These will be then passed onto you for interviewing. 


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